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Hey guys, first off I want to thank some special people for helping and supporting me, and most of all following my rules. I have one issue and I am going to explain this only once. I have a rule it says no spamming, and I am sorry but I do have spamming on this site. I hate being mean but it has to stop. Fansites, you can post links. I am fine with that. However I have had a few comments on my tagboard with links I cannot approve of. If you people think that by complimenting my site you will get free ads then your wrong. I let it go once, but I am not letting it continue. I have deleted the tagboard, but do not worry special people, you can comment on my blog posts, I will set it up soon, only with my approval. I pretty sure teens/tweens/kids aren't interested in cookware , so why have links to it on a site like mine? It is sad this point has came.

Also I should have a tribute open soon. It will be a better place, and will have a ton of new stuff I am positive Sara fans will love. I apologize for lack of updates.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Photoshoot Chat!

As you all know,Sara Diamond has a photoshoot in NYC. Well here's a little bit of the chat she did for it! I heard she had one,but just found out about this video. Thanks,natxhypy!
Description Translated to English:
February 12, 2010, Sara was in Soho (NY), to make a Test Photoshoot, whose goal was to capture the best angles and looks of Sarah. The photos were taken by Ab Sesay. The photoshoot was broadcast live on Channel Ustream Kelly Marie Dunn, and while Sara is arranged to take the photos, Kelly talked with the fans. The transmission of Photoshoot, Sara stopped to chat with the fans who were watching, answered some questions, talked with her friends and made a break for lunch. The images are not great quality because I filmed the computer screen with my camera (because the program screen capture was not working), yet you will see a little of that happened in the photoshoot. The following images were recorded by me, so please do not steal them and do not misuse!

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