Your Warning and Tribute Opening Soon

Hey guys, first off I want to thank some special people for helping and supporting me, and most of all following my rules. I have one issue and I am going to explain this only once. I have a rule it says no spamming, and I am sorry but I do have spamming on this site. I hate being mean but it has to stop. Fansites, you can post links. I am fine with that. However I have had a few comments on my tagboard with links I cannot approve of. If you people think that by complimenting my site you will get free ads then your wrong. I let it go once, but I am not letting it continue. I have deleted the tagboard, but do not worry special people, you can comment on my blog posts, I will set it up soon, only with my approval. I pretty sure teens/tweens/kids aren't interested in cookware , so why have links to it on a site like mine? It is sad this point has came.

Also I should have a tribute open soon. It will be a better place, and will have a ton of new stuff I am positive Sara fans will love. I apologize for lack of updates.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Rares And Her Email Reply

Some of are a concert a few years ago. One is from her photo shoot early this year and is a profile picture so unless you have a twitter you cannot obtain it. Which means I would appreciate it if you would really save it yourself if you do have a twitter or credit me if you don't and save it.
Also I know people like proof so I screen capped Sara's reply to me. However, I did cut out my
personal email for privacy. I need credit for these rares, please credit with a direct link to my site and do email me before you post them. Thanks!

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